Obama And Biden Join The Campaign And Michelle Go Jogging At The White House

Posted On 01 Mar 2014
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The president and vice president are added to the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign that promotes exercise to children.

Let’s Move, Michelle Obama’s campaign to combat obesity 4th birthday and President Barack Obama and Vice Joe Biden joined her. In a nice picture, you can see the executive branch in the U.S. go running through the halls of the White House.

The photo shows Biden into the Oval Office to invite Obama to “move.” The president left side folder and pen and collar and tie and dress shoes, at exercising.

The vice president and the rhythm of the song from Monday Night Football, joggers. The White House employees are astonished, while Bo and Sunny, the pets of the president, the looking unfazed in its path.

After running for about 25 seconds on camera, Biden and Obama stretching their muscles and return to the office of President.

“Let him know Michelle I’ve exercised,” the vice president asked Obama to intercede with his wife.

Glasses of water in hand, Obama and Biden offer after their exertions. They are committed to go jogging again next week at the same time.

The one-minute video was shared by the First Lady and has become viral. Moving!

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