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Starbucks Cafe Act Against The ‘Parody’ In Los Angeles

Posted On 12 Feb 2014
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A bad joke

Los Feliz, a neighborhood in central Los Angeles, lived a peculiar situation this weekend when their neighbors were echoed opening a place called “Starbucks fool” (Dumb Starbucks), which has provoked a response the popular coffee chain.

Starbucks has been investigating the matter, confirmed the company, which seemed a fitting joke.

“We are evaluating our next step. Appreciate the mood of the store, but may not use our name. It is a registered and protected trademark,” they said from the company.

Although the establishment first opened on Friday, it was not until Sunday that he managed to attract the attention of the curious, to the point that a queue of several hours was formed to check what that travesty it was the famous chain, as published by the local press.

Responsible for this commercial satire finally stepped forward and appeared before the media.

A comedian had the idea

Nathan Fielder is a TV star on Comedy Central where he has a “reality” of jokes centered on small businesses entitled “Nathan For You”.

The store in question, a parody of the real Starbucks, is virtually identical to any establishment of the popular franchise and even puts the glasses sell discs trendy, but always identified as “dumb.”

However, the drinks and food for sale far from serving the real Starbucks. In fact, the drinks are served in containers that satirize the image of the original pastry shop and were exhibited in packaged plastic shelves of major supermarket chains.

The news spread through social networks and local quickly flooded with hundreds of visitors, which caused people to wonder about the true intentions of this store, whether a marketing strategy, or an artistic event as resulting ended a “reality show”.

“An artistic parody”

Inside Dumb Starbucks Store a list of “frequently asked questions” which explains that the legality of the property is that it is “an artistic parody” was placed.

“Although we operate as a cafe, for legal reasons we must be qualified as an artistic parody. Thus, in the eyes of the law, our coffee shop is really an art gallery,” detailed in the local web.

Fielder insisted that the law was on their side, the drinks were given away and the food was just shown, and could use the Starbucks brand long as it was for comic purposes.

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