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Posted On 11 Dec 2014
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Are you going to buy a phone? We tell you what the best of the year are

If in this period, end of year you plan to buy a mobile phone, as we are to give it to you to yourself or a special person, you say, according to the website of the newspaper Excelsior, what are the best and make the best buy.

1. IPhone 6 Plus. A little over a month of its release, ended the third quarter, representing 41% of total sales of phablets calls (contraction phone, phone, and tablet, tablet) in the United States, according to analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel.

2. Sony Xperia Z3. What seems to have seduced consumers is the lasting up to two days of your battery, plus 21 megapixel cameras. It also offers remote connection to PlayStation 4.

3. LG G3. Also with a big screen, has a wireless charger, plus it presents Knock Code, the equivalent fingerprint reader models such as the latest iPhones.

4. Galaxy S5. Represents Samsung’s bid to compete with Apple, plus it’s your bet to stay in the number one manufacturer of smartphones. It has a fingerprint reader.

5. HTC ONE M8. Chinese firm HTC seeks, with this device, racing greats Premium sector. It features Android, scalable operating system Lollipop.

6. LUMIA 930. One of the first releases of Nokia under the administration of Microsoft. It has Windows 8.1 operating system and 20-megapixel camera.

7. Moto X. Due to the success of the original version, launched in 2013, the company launched another with the same name. Its strength is its processor and has a larger screen than its predecessor.


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