US Will Retaliate If Russia Does Not Stop Violating The INF Treaty

Posted On 18 Apr 2015
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Tag: US and Russia relation on INF Treaty., US will retaliate if Russia not stop violating INF Treaty

“We have made clear to Russia and to our allies that our patience is not unlimited. We will take steps to protect ourselves and our allies, if Russia does not cease to violate the contract and leave our concerns unanswered,” said Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose, speaking at a conference on nuclear weapons and international security in Colorado Springs.

US will retaliate if Russia does not stop violating the Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF), said Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose.

Rose reviewed that in the mid year of 2014, the United States communicated objections about the infringement by Russia of the INF Treaty regarding the improvement and testing of journey rockets, area based disallowed under the understanding extent. “We realize that Russia disregards the agreement, and the Russians realize that as well”, said the collaborator Secretary.

He noticed that the U.S. is not going to disregard this issue and will keep on giving weight on Russia something to do helpfully with us and addressed our worries.” “Our objective is not to slander Russia. Our objective is to protect the Treaty, which, we accept, acquires key steadiness expansive parts of the globe as it happens from the snippet of its marking in December of 1987,” he included.

In the course of recent years, Russia and the U.S accuse one another to disregard bargain for middle of the road reach and shorter-range atomic powers (INF).

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  1. PaulFrancis Reply

    The USA government has been populated with the worst kind of criminals. Who in their right mind would heed or believe anything spouted by this bunch?

    • not good Reply

      you mean zionist nazi criminals, who will start ww3

      • tomcat415 Reply

        anyone that uses the Words zionist nazi in the same breath are conspiracy nut cases that can not use there own brain so go to conspiracy web site for there info like you

        • not good Reply

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  2. william Reply

    Why the hell SHOULD Russia care? ISRAEL is allowed to have Nukes and do whatever it wants. When America MAKES Israel comply with Iran’s “obligations” maybe the World will quit SPITTING at US.
    Not since a groveling ROMAN Senate voted to approve Emperor Caligula’s favorite horse, Incitatus, as imperial consul has there been such a embarrassing spectacle.
    The cowards of the Gay Old Party folded like twits on AMNESTY but get all “manly” when their Israeli DOMINATORS crack the whip. 47 BRIBED Republican senators clapped like trained seals

    • tomcat415 Reply

      You do really sound like a Moron Yes UK US Russia has nukes too its not ISRAEL that does what ever it wants but the US

  3. KaK Reply

    To Russia:
    Our Government has gone rogue, it stopped being a representative Government of the American People long ago, it’s broken and corrupt beyond repair.
    Remember that “We the People of the USA are NOT our Government”. Please Bomb accordingly.

  4. not good Reply

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    • tomcat415 Reply

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      • sammy Reply

        Seems your about the only one who is lost and pretty sure no one wants to read anymore of your total BS, run along little troll, you will not win!

  5. Bad-Clown IsForever Reply

    Give it up Frankie-no-one believes in yer nuclear-bombs anymore. If there was such a thing one of yous psychos wouldda used it by now!

  6. desertspeaks Reply

    Psst US GOVT CRIMINALS,.. I do love your double standard, you’ve been lying about Russia for a while now and NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR BS! Russia did not, has not, invaded the Crimea! We all know this! You however insist on repeatedly lying, desperately hoping we’ll buy your lies.. not happening.
    I would further point out your latest hypocrisy,.. LETS TALK ABOUT ISRAELS NUKES, WHICH YOU NOW PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGE BUT DO NOTHING ABOUT, IN FACT YOU KEEP ILLEGALLY SUPPORTING ISRAEL WHICH CONTRADICTS THE SYMINGTON AMENDMENT!! Look it up, you’ll see any contact/support for Israel under the symington amendment is ILLEGAL!

    • sammy Reply

      You are correct, it is very illegal, seems they “believe” they do not have to follow the Constitution, the law of the land, its pretty clear, they spy on all the American citizens and the world which is also against the law of the land and when you tell people about the spying the first response is normally well I am not doing anything wrong, so I tell them ok let me get a piece of paper and pen and you can write down all your passwords for sites such as facebook, email, banking, ect and they are like well no, so I say but you don’t mind them looking at ALL your stuff, then they get it

  7. R Brodersdorf Reply

    Just excuse to continue the sanctions that do not work, but it gets politicians votes to stay in power. 80% of US sheeple are so brainwashed if the US government told them that giving their money to the government will help remove Putin from office, they would give up all their money. Sheeple Zombies fed zombie food by CNN/FOX/MSNBC/ and the other MSM outlets.

    • sammy Reply

      Not even the sheeple would give up their money

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