American Experts Believe That The US Is Losing The Information War

Posted On 26 Mar 2015
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US is losing the information war Russia and radical Islamists. These findings are contained in a report on the activities of the Board of Governors on broadcasting in charge of such media as “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”. Members of the Board rejects accusations of poor management and assure that the problem of a lack of funding, which is more than ten times lower than the funds allocated to the promotion of Moscow.

“There’s no money. We have some Liechtenstein compared with the means to spend on promoting Russia “, - told Reuters anonymous source in American diplomatic circles, commenting on a report prepared by a former member of the Board of Governors on the US broadcast and director of” Radio Liberty “Enders Wimbush and ex -vitse-President of the Radio “Free Europe” Elizabeth Porteyl. In their conclusions, they were based on a survey of over thirty professional diplomats and foreign policy experts.

Author’s resonance studies have concluded that Washington is losing the information war, not only Moscow but also extremists IG (the organization banned in Russia) and his other enemies. The focus of the activities of the Board of Governors on the US broadcast - a government agency created in 1999 with the officially stated purpose “to deliver high-quality news and commentary large and strategically important foreign audiences … and serve as a credible news source and example of quality, professional media in countries where there is a lack of independent media.”

The Board of Governors oversees the work of such well-known media as “Radio Liberty” and the radio “Free Europe”, it is a modern government PR man inherited from the promoters of the “cold war.”

According to the compilers of the report, which themselves have worked in these structures, reporting to the Board of Governors media are not adequate to facing them today tasks.

“Anti-American sentiment competitors and win the information war it”, - says they are. And they see the problem is that the services responsible for Homeland Security United States do not have sufficient leverage to “international service”, whereby it is not always agree with the logic and purpose of American foreign policy.

Thus, the meaning of the sentence is reduced to what is funded from the budget of the media should work more closely with the public authorities.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Committee on Foreign Affairs US House of Representatives Ed Royce spoke in the same vein:

Putin’s propaganda gets one after another blow to our country and our international service firm enough in his position. This is unacceptable. ”

The biggest challenge since the collapse of the USSR the authors call the Ukrainian crisis, the news coverage that the American media, in their opinion, lost outright.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Board of Governors themselves recognize the problem, but their source is seen in a somewhat different, namely the obvious shortfall in funding. According to Jeff Trimble, the current deputy head of the administration, Russia spends on its own propaganda from $ 400 million to $ 500 million annually, while Washington has allocated for these purposes no more than $ 20 million.

With the accession of Crimea to Russia in February last year the Board of Governors established and expanded to 24 programs, mostly in Russian, but for their full funding, he asked Congress to allocate an additional $ 15 million. Among own success officials from PR also called increase the audience of American media Ukraine doubled since 2012 - to 7.5 million people.

Nevertheless, the Republican majority in Congress believes that the problem is not so much the money, but with poor management, including in highly complex and non-transparent governance structure of the American media abroad: some of them are public official, part, by contrast, are formally independent structures that exist on government grants. In this case, all nine members of the Governing Council are working part-time, and in January 2013 the State Department stated that they skimp on their responsibilities.

In January of this year, Chairman of the Board was appointed major media manager Andrew Luck, formerly head of NBC News. Before the new appointee was an ambitious goal - to find new opportunities for US state media more effectively resist such mouthpieces of foreign propaganda as TV channel Russia Today and Chinese broadcaster CCTV. However, just a few weeks ago Lac returned to the NBC.

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  1. Carroll Price Reply

    Washington lost the information war because, thanks to alternative media, the general public (worldwide) are fully aware that Washington has been lying to them for the past 70 years.

  2. desertspeaks Reply

    US is losing the information war?? hmm that’s probably because everything coming out of the US is a LIE and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

  3. william Reply

    These professional bureaucrats are afraid of losing their plush nests. The interweb negates their antique wireless, and they are about as trustworthy as FOX.

  4. robertsgt40 Reply

    “…the problem of a lack of funding,…” LMAO How about lack of truth telling?

  5. ewingsc Reply

    Good to know that lying has a shelf life.

  6. Hp B Reply

    It’s not rocket science.
    You can only put so much lipstick on a dog..

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