A Hispanic Who Was Reportedly Killed By Armed Police In California

The Spaniard named Benito Osorio 39 was killed after clash with police in California.

What authorities say they have begun after an argument over a woman, resulted in the death of a gunman allegedly by police in Santa Ana.

A video taken by witnesses to the incident on Wednesday, shows the moment when officers shot dead man, identified as Benito Osorio, 39, between Main and Pine streets.

On the tape agents listening to order the man who “put the gun down” rather than detonate several shots against. The video shows the man as it was on the other side of his truck.

The event began in the 800 block of Cypress Avenue, when Osorio allegedly shot against another man who had initiated a discussion about a woman, but missed the shot, officials said.

Then it under his truck with the gun in his hand, and by refusing to throw as ordered those involved, they fired  after he tried to flee the scene but several blocks from Santa Ana Police stopped him and was where gave the confrontation. Officers allege that Osorio shot himself in the chin.

Osorio was then transferred to hospital Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he was pronounced dead no agent, or civilian, was injured.

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