Third Cross-Border Tunnel Found In Arizona So Far This Year

A federal agent of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) US cargo a package of marijuana seized at the border with Mexico.

Border Patrol Agents (Border Patrol) sector Tucson, Arizona, announced the discovery of a cross-border tunnel leading to the place where they were found by plugging another underground passage earlier this year.

The agents assigned to the Nogales station, in collaboration with the International Liaison Unit and the Mexican police discovered last March 13 an incomplete tunnel, which is the third I found this year in Arizona.

“The officers noticed concrete block with wet cement in abovedado crossing the border, and after performing a routine patrol discovered a tunnel 16 by 16 inches and 25 feet long,” said a statement released by the Border Patrol.

Among Nogales (Arizona) and Nogales (Sonora, Mexico), there are underground canals that connect the two cities which are used by smugglers to build tunnels.

The agents continue to monitor this passage and inspecting the tunnel that missed to end until the repair is finished concrete filler to ensure that it is locked completely.

It was also reported that the Border Patrol continues to work closely with strategic partners in Mexico to detect tunnels during construction and prevent the movement of illegal contraband and people across the border.

Just three weeks ago, Border Patrol agents seized more than two tons of marijuana with an estimated $ 3 million dollars, and discovered a narco tunel used by drug traffickers near the border in Naco, according to federal authorities.

The above finding

In late February, the US authorities conducted a millionaire seizure of marijuana gave rise to the discovery of a sophisticated smuggling tunnel on the border with Mexico.

The investigation began after special agents with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) received information about a possible charge of marijuana near Bisbee, Arizona.

A dog team Tucson Sector Border Patrol who helped in the operation alerted the back of a pickup truck type, where agents found more than 4,700 pounds of marijuana in stacked packages.

Based on the evidence discovered, agents obtained a warrant to search a residence on South Avenue Humphrey in Naco. There they discovered the entrance to an underground tunnel inside a small shed on the edge of the property.

According to investigators, the tunnel is accessed by a concrete pit equipped with a hydraulic lift. Near the entrance of the United States, the underground passage is large enough for an adult upright.

Two individuals were arrested in connection with the investigation, authorities said. One of them was driving the pick up where transporting the drug, while the latter lived in the residence where the narcotunel was.

Since 2006, federal authorities have detected and dismantled more than 80 border smuggling tunnels, most of them in California and Arizona.

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