Congress Questioned The Director Of The Secret Service After Incidents

Joseph Clancy was heavily criticized in a hearing regarding the latest scandal Secret Service.

Several congressmen questioned the director of the US Secret Service, Joseph Clancy, by recent incidents, including starring two agents who crashed a car into a barrier in front of the White House, reportedly after drinking.

Clancy, who heads an interim basis the agency charged with protecting the president Barack Obama and his family, admitted in a hearing before the Subcommittee on Appropriations of the House not heard of this latest incident, which occurred on March 4 until five days later and it did through an “anonymous” email.

After this delay unacceptable tick, Clancy said that an investigation launched by the Department of Homeland Security, to be completed before taking any disciplinary action against the officers involved or determine whether they should be fired.

For now, the two officers, one a senior supervisor and the other the second in command of the scheme bodyguard Obama, have been relocated to lower positions

According to the Washington Post, the first reported the incident, the two officers were returning from a party when they crashed the official car into one of the installed barriers in front of the White House and other supervisory let them go after what happened without subject them to a breathalyzer test.

The Democratic congresswoman Nita Lowey described as “shocking” Clancy’s testimony about that incident, while Republican Harold Rogers, chairman of the subcommittee, said he is the last of a “long list” of similar episodes.

Rogers said he doubts that Clancy, nominated by Obama to head permanently Secret Service has the “determination” required to perform the “changes” that the agency needs to regain credibility.

For its part, the Democratic lawmaker Lucille Roybal-Allard Clancy asked to explain how they plan to improve the Secret Service because, in his view, what’s done so far “is not working”.

Clancy leads on an interim basis the Secret Service since October, when he resigned the previous director, Julia Pierson, following several security flaws and, as happens with the appointments of senior government officials should be confirmed to the post by senate.

The reputation and effectiveness of the Secret Service have been damaged in recent years by a series of scandals.

One of the most famous was the one led by twelve of his agents, who took prostitutes to their hotel rooms before Obama’s visit to Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) for the Summit of the Americas in 2012.

Last September, a veteran of the Iraq war with alleged mental problems managed to come armed with a knife in the White House and access the first floor of the presidential residence.

And more recently, in late January, a small drone (unmanned aircraft) crashed in the gardens of the White House.

Following the resignation of Pierson, a panel of experts recommended appointing as new director to someone outside the Secret Service, but Obama has chosen otherwise, since Clancy is a veteran of that body with 27 years of service.

That panel also advised that the fence surrounding the White House to rise more than a meter and increase the number of agents that make up the body.

In this regard, Clancy forward today those temporal changes in the fence in the coming months will be, until the US government adopts a final solution.

Also, Clancy asked Congress for funds to build a detailed replica of the White House, which would offer Secret Service agents a more “realistic” to train and prepare in order to better protect the presidential residence scenario.

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