Facebook Removes Emoji ‘I Feel Fat’

More than 16,000 signatures were collected to remove emoji contrversial.

Besides emoticons expressing optimism, happiness, despair or annoyance to other emotions that are in the list that Facebook provides to express moods, it also adds “feeling fat“.

Facebook decided to replace this emoticon by one whose message is “I feel full” after complaints from “Bodies in Peril”, an organization that promotes respect for diversity body.

The group criticized the social network on the ground that the message conveyed by the emoticon “I feel fat” -a face with rounded cheeks and papada promoted a negative body image and self-destructive thoughts.

Facebook confirmed that eliminate the emoticon list available for its users to express their feelings.

“Our community has told us that ‘feeling fat’ as an alternative to update the status of a profile can reinforce a negative body image, particularly in people who have difficulty fighting eating disorders”.

It all started with the collection of signatures initiated by “Bodies in Peril” through the website Change.org to ask Facebook to eliminate the emoticon of your list.

The person who promoted the initiative on behalf of the organization was the American playwright Catherine Weingarten, who believes those who use the emoticon “I’m fat“, make fun of overweight people, among whom are suffering from eating disorders.

“As someone who has had one of these disorders, know what it is” feeling “fat. I lived many years consumed by negative thoughts about my body and starve for too many days trying to lose weight,” Weingarten wrote at the request of Change .org.

“The fat is not a feeling. Body fat is part of our body, regardless of our weight. Facebook has the power to influence the way we talk to others about our bodies,” he added.

“Bodies in danger” raised more than 16,000 signatures supporting the petition. “This victory shows that together we can change the harmful cultural codes that make it difficult to accept and love us as we are, feeling comfortable with our bodies,” said Weingarten after learning of the decision to Facebook.

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