Alaska And Hawaii Accused The US Of Illegal Annexation And Occupation Of Its Territories

Posted On 08 May 2015
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Tag: Alaska and Hawaii accused US of illegal annexation of territories, Collusion of Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination

The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii appealed to the international community to ensure their right to self-determination in connection with the “illegal annexation” and “occupation” of the United States. It is reported by Tass.

Today, agents of indigenous people groups in Geneva circulated an announcement in which they requested that raise the issue under thought in the structure of the UN Council on Human Rights survey of the human rights and flexibilities in the United States. Survey is planned for May 11.

The record demonstrates that Alaska and Hawaii “in 1959 were consumed by the United States through misrepresentation and conscious infringement of the order and standards of the United Nations, and the methodology of self-determination.”

Creators of the announcement of the UN call to right this slip-up.

The indigenous people groups of Alaska and Hawaii underline that the offer of Russian Alaska United States in 1867 by any means, “did not mean the exchange of sway over Alaska to the United States “, while” the US attack of Hawaii in 1893 was taken disregarding two-sided arrangements and global law. ”

The creators of the announcement are going to accomplish things calmly: through UN instruments and holding in Alaska and Hawaii choices on self-determination of indigenous people groups.

To work all the more successfully set up a joint working gathering “Collusion of Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination.”

On last May 7 in Geneva meeting with journalist’s agent Ronald Barnes Alaska and Hawaii - Leon Siu reprimanded US arrangement in connection to indigenous people groups, calling it the “occupation.”

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