Cold Wave Knocks Across The United States

Posted On 06 Dec 2013
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It is predicted that low temperatures fall below Denver 1.4 Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius)

A cold stream down toward the southern United States on Wednesday, threat this week with temperatures up to 21 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) or more in the midsection of the country and force much of the rest of the nation deal with unexpected low temperatures.

In Minnesota the cold forced the Salvation Army singers to stay indoors and canceled holiday season, as the cold, dense air enters the valleys of the Rocky Mountains and some lower elevations kept freezing in the west.

A deviation from the current to the south causes the cold Arctic air to delve more into the United States. To compound the problem of cold weather Paul Walker, a meteorologist with the company AccuWeather, said a new storm likely will develop in New Mexico and western Texas on Thursday and head east, causing snow and possible impacts on the electricity.

While extreme cold is not something new in the Rockies, with temperatures usually reach each year 28 to 31 Celsius degrees below zero, the difference this year is the time that is expected to last. It is estimated that the cold air will continue until next week and then move east, where it will be less drastic.

The last record

Dave Bernhardt, the National Weather Service said the last widespread cold period was reminiscent in Montana in the winter of 1996.

It is predicted that low temperatures in Denver fall below 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 ° C) until Friday, but will remain below -6 ° C until mid-next week. The storm caused snow in Denver and snow in parts of the Colorado Mountains could reach almost to the subway to the end of the day.

Authorities warned residents to protect themselves from the risk of freezing if you will be outdoors for a long time.

The storm broke on Monday and Tuesday on the northern Rockies, where he dumped up to 60 inches of snow in the mountains and Yellowstone National Park.

Snow and ice caused hazardous to handle in all conditions west of the country and were decisive in a four-vehicle crash in central Montana where Chelsea Stanfield, 21, a resident of Great Falls died. Authorities said the girl was driving too fast for weather conditions.

Inclement weather also forced the closure of several roads in Wyoming and Oregon. Transport authorities in Utah and Nevada reported dozens of crashes.

In the Dakotas, farmers who lost thousands of cattle in a blizzard in October were preparing to cope with the new storm.

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