Denounce Secret Prison In Chicago Where Beatings And Interrogations Conducted

Posted On 26 Feb 2015
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Tag: prison effected beatings and secret interrogations

In that place detainees remain shackled for long periods.

Police in the city of Chicago has used a special store as a prison where effected beatings and performs secret interrogations even against minors.

An investigation by the Guardian reveals that this place is used to keep detainees out of their databases, beating prisoners, keeping them shackled during “long periods” and prevent access to legal counsel for up to 24 hours.

Dubbed “black site”, this stock is shared by anti-gang and anti-drug police units, where not suspected of terrorism-related activities people carry.

One of the cases documented by The Guardian is the 12 people protesting against a NATO summit in 2012 and were transferred to this store.

A man, Jacob Church says he was handcuffed to a bench for questioning for 17 hours without receiving his Miranda rights (notification that can remain silent).

“It allowed me to make contact with anyone,” The Guardian, adding that virtually disappear Church said.

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