Obama Accuses Republicans Of Taking Lynch As ‘Hostage’ And Calls Confirmed As Attorney

Posted On 22 Mar 2015
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Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama criticized Republican senators to block the nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general of the United States, accusing them of taking “hostage” for political reasons.

“Because of other problems, we have a hostage to a designated attorney general,” said the US president in an interview with the Huffington Post online newspaper. “It is our highest office in the maintenance of order”.

“Even Republicans acknowledge that it has been a great prosecutor,” he added. “His integrity is unimpeachable.”

Loretta is a lawyer career, strong, fair and independent, which should be confirmed as soon as possible. She herself has proven time and again throughout his 30 year career, “added the president in his weekly address.

However, he said, the time has delayed his nomination in the Senate is higher than it took to nominate seven combined previous attorneys general.

“And this time, the GOP leaders in Congress do not even allow the nomination is submitted to a vote,” Obama said.

Obama appointed Loretta Lynch, the US attorney in Brooklyn now, in early November to succeed Eric Holder, who in September announced his intention to leave his position since 2008.

But the appointment of what would be the first black woman to hold this position must be confirmed by the Senate. Lynch was presented several days in hearings before a Senate committee in late January and yet the confirmation delay.

Since the November elections, Republicans control both houses of Congress.

Waiting for a successor, Eric Holder agreed to stay in office, Obama said on National Public Radio.

The nomination Lynch, 55, comes at a time peculiar animosity between hard line Republicans and Obama migration project, which was implemented by decree in November.

Also this week, the majority leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell said the confirmation Lynch would not be voted on until the camera pass legislation on human trafficking.

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