Residents Of Newtown Ask For Privacy For First Anniversary Of The Slaughter

Posted On 09 Dec 2013
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Many of the parents of the murdered children and other neighbors continue their philanthropic projects in memory of their children.

The inhabitants of Newtown, where Adam Lanza killed in December last year to 20 children and six adults at school Sandy Hook, want privacy and keep out the media on the first anniversary of the massacre, which met on Saturday, according published today The New York Times.

The city located in Connecticut and about 28,000 inhabitants and not expected to make any public event to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on December 14, 2012.

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As detailed news agency Efe, city officials are urging businesses, churches and other institutions not to allow television vans use their car parks, and the police will also be alert to prevent it.

They want to stop reminder of sadness

“This sad reminder has to stop. That’s why we want the media to stay away, “said the newspaper Maria Ruggiero, a resident of Newtown.

An NBC spokeswoman said the network “respect” the wishes of the citizens of the city and do not provide transmissions from Newtown on the anniversary, while CBS does plan to move there to a small team.

The greatest symbol of the tragedy, Sandy Hook School, was demolished a few weeks ago.

The account of a slaughter

The December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza, 20, killed his mother to death and then went to the school Sandy Hook heavily armed with three semi-automatic weapons, an assault rifle and two pistols, and plenty of ammunition.

Lanza entered the school shooting at the windowpane, and then killed the principal and a psychologist before entering two classes to attack its occupants, with the end result of 26 deaths (twenty children of six and seven years, and six adults). Then he killed himself, refers Efe.

The research report recently released by the state attorney indicated that the grounds on which the killing Lanza made are unknown, and also confirmed that he acted alone and that he had a great fascination for violent video games, as well as easy access to the many weapons that his mother had legally purchased.

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