What’s On Apple Gold Watch?

Posted On 11 Mar 2015
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Watch The Golden Apple starts at $ 10,000.

One version of the new Apple Watch is made of gold, and has a price ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000 depending on configuration.

Despite the high price, not the most expensive device out there. Smartphones luxury, with limited editions of some gadgets, there has long, reaching much higher than the gold Watch prices.

The watch has identical performance to the other versions, what a change is the material from which the body is made. Thus, the aluminum has a base price of $ 349; the steel, $ 549.

According to Apple, the most expensive version uses 18K gold, ie, made 75 percent gold. If pure gold would be 24K. But the company uses an alloy of gold with other material that could be ceramic (boron carbide or silicon nitride, aluminum) that makes gold harden up according to the company- have twice as strong as the gold standard.

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