Yoghurt Is The Solution For Hypertension

Posted On 06 Mar 2015
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  • A yogurt could be the great solution for people who suffer from hypertension.
  • The Center for Food Research and Development (ICAS) is responsible for creating this yogurt.

  • Scientists at the center have devoted years to create this food to reduce levels of heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Besides yogurt improves lipid profile blood in people, making your cholesterol levels to decrease.
  • Scientists Belinda Vallejo Galland and Aaron C√≥rdova Fernando Gonzalez are the leaders of the project and have worked in the creation of yogurt for ten years.
  • They have found that the use of specific lactic acid bacteria can produce fermented milk like yogurt drink.
  • Project leaders are part of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biotechnology Dairy Technology Coordination of Food of Animal Origin of ICAS.
  • The process for marketing the product is processed in Mexico, and the United States.
  • This yogurt is the first product of its kind made and sold in Mexico.
  • Yogurt has had different standards.
  • The benefits of the product are tested in in vitro studies and in human clinical study.
  • It was also tested in hypertensive rats.
  • The researchers commented “We have worked on this project for ten years and we are very close to reaching our goal: that these products reach consumers in Mexico”.
  • This yogurt implies a change for people with heart problems.
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