Young Received Taser Shot By Police Died Of Heart Failure

Posted On 08 Mar 2014
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The Colombian woman died after being shot with stun gun died of cardiac arrest.

The young Colombian Israel Hernández-Llach, who died after last August shot with Taser stun gun at the hands of the Miami Beach Police, died of a heart attack, authorities said.

Israel “Reefa” Hernandez, 18, died “accidentally” sudden “heart failure” due to the “energy discharge device,” the coroner’s report after six months of medical examination of the corpse.

The coroner’s office in Miami-Dade prosecutors moved to its conclusions, said State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

The death of graffiti from Colombia made headlines in the media and generated numerous protests in this city where the police were accused of using excessive force and negligence in the investigation of the case, while revived the debate on the use of tasers by law enforcement.

The prosecution must now decide, after analyzing the forensic reports, if the Miami Beach Police violated any law.

On 6 August, a policeman surprised Israel “Reefa” Hernandez with painting graffiti spray on the wall of a McDonald’s closed at the North Beach area. The young man, to be discovered, ran and persecution began.

According to police, after a short chase, the young Hispanic finished lying on the ground by a Taser shot. The boy was transported to Miami Beach Mont Sinai hospital, where his death was certified.

Police maintained that the officer who shot him acted in accordance with regulations established regarding people who resist arrest.

But parents of young graffiti have maintained from the outset that his son was not a dangerous person, was not armed and did not pose a threat when he was discovered by agents. Family studies sue the Miami Beach Police for excessive use of force.

“Our son did not deserve to die like this, not a threat, nor was armed, nor was dangerous,” said greatly affected the boy’s parents to the media.

The Hernandez family recently reported that painting graffiti is a misdemeanor, the young man did not commit “murder” and that was a case where there was excessive force by police.

At least 540 people have died since 2001 by shooting tasers in the U.S., with Florida second highest number of deaths (65) for this reason, according to Amnesty International

A report by the organization Human Rights 2013 concluded that 90% of those killed were unarmed.

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