A Mexican Who Planned To Join Al Qaeda Was Convicted In California

Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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Tag: Mexican who planned to join Al Qaeda, Mexican who planned to join Al Qaeda was found guilty in California

Vidriales Santana was arrested in November 2012 in a small village located east of Los Angeles.

The Federal Court in Riverside, California, sentenced to ten years in prison for Miguel Alejandro Santana Vidriales, a Mexican immigrant of 24 years accused of joining a jihadist cell on American soil he planned to join the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

Santana Vidriales received a reduced after collaborating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sentence after he was arrested in November 2012 in a small village located east of Los Angeles prior to travel along with two accomplices to Mexico, from continue its Odyssey to Afghanistan, where he would meet with the leader of the cell, Sohiel Omar Kabir to plan an attack.

The FBI found that Santana joined from 2010 to Kabir, a US national Afghan, who joined him with a jihadist group consisting of a Filipino immigrant and Arab American.

Authorities began investigating Santana for their updates and comments on social networks, according to Assistant US Attorney Christopher Grigg.

Other materials, Santana included in your Facebook training videos armed terrorist groups.

The FBI also revealed conversations between detainees in California, who spoke to meet Kabir in Afghanistan to conduct a jihad, or alleged attack believer base.

According to anonymous by school old mate Santana statements, the young changed over a period of approximately six months to a year your image on social networks, to begin to disseminate extremist ideas and stopped meeting with old friends.

Santana had pleaded guilty at his initial appearance before the Court in December 2012. The two other detainees involved in Southern California also pleaded not guilty.

According to the newspaper Excelsior, the Federal Bureau of central California initially demanded a punishment of 15 years in prison for Mexico.

Santana Vidriales had already asked the federal government for US citizenship and was awaiting response when he was arrested on terrorism charges. When you reach your judgment will be lost legal residence in the United States and will have to return to Mexico.

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