Building Collapses In Lower Manhattan

Posted On 27 Mar 2015
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The building near Second Avenue and Seventh Street and the incident was reported at 3:30 pm.

At least 19 people were injured Thursday when two buildings collapsed, one of them completely, in the trendy East Village of New York, after an explosion apparently caused by a gas pipe.

Four of the wounded are in critical condition as a result of the emergency that occurred past 15 pm local time on Second Avenue in Manhattan, told AFP a spokesman for the fire department of the city.

Among the 19 injured also had five firefighters, according to the latest updated balance.

The event was recorded in the East Village and was caused by plumbing work being undertaken in a building which affected gas lines, generating a leak.

That is the preliminary conclusion that he found the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, in a press conference he gave at the scene of the incident, insisting at all times both victims and balance data of the causes of the explosion are preliminary.

The building is located near the University of New York and the Washington Square Park and some chains showed a massive fire that first caused a collapse of the interior and then eventually bring down the front. The explosion sparked a fire which in turn one of the buildings collapsed and caused severe damage to one that was on the side.

The fire also spread to two other adjacent buildings, each with a height of five homes by the mayor, a team of gas and Electricity Company serving New York was at the scene an hour before said explosion to correct a series of works that were made.

The building is a restaurant called Sushi Park, which is where they believe the fire originated

The building burned and collapsed had housed 20 apartments and commercial use on the ground floor, told The New York Journal in its online page.

He added that Scott Westerfield, a writer who was in the area, told in his Twitter that he heard a very loud explosion and soon saw helping injured pedestrians who were outside the building.

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