Ferguson Attacker Police Said The Shots Were Directed At Another Person

Posted On 16 Mar 2015
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Jeffrey Williams accepted 21 shot from a car but said he wanted was to hurt the police.

The authorities made ​​an arrest in connection with the shooting of two policemen in Ferguson. This is a man of 20, who faces charges for injuring two policemen during a protest on Thursday night.

The prosecutor Robert McCulloch said in a press conference that the detainee is Jeffrey Williams, who was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, a charge for firing a gun from a vehicle and armed criminal action.

According to the prosecutor, the detainee admitted having fired the shots from a vehicle, but denied that he intended to attack the two wounded policemen.

The detainee, who is black, said the shots were fired “in a dispute with another person”.

The head of the District Attorney’s Office St. Louis County explained that the suspect had participated in these and other protests.

The arrest, which occurred on Saturday night after several days of investigation and interrogation, was made possible by the cooperation of citizens, officials said.

“The arrest was made in connection with the shooting of two policemen in #Ferguson. Thanks for your help, “Sunday afternoon said the Police Department St. Louis through his Twitter account, before the press conference at which the details were revealed.

Williams is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, one count of discharging a firearm from a vehicle and three counts of crimes with firearms. McCulloch added that investigations are ongoing.

The shooting occurred after Ferguson resignedthe same day the police chief, ThomasJackson, and two other senior officials of the city in the wake of criticism of the Department of Justice for racial discrimination.

An agent 41 St. Louis County was shot in the right shoulder and the bullet exited through his back. The other officer, 32, Webster Groves, was wearing a helmet with visor up. He was shot in the right cheek and the bullet was lodged behind his ear. The two officers were discharged from hospital later on Thursday.

Ferguson is the city where last August killed a young black Michael Brown at the hands of a white policeman, in an event that triggered a wave of race riots across the country.

US President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder condemned the shooting of the police, who have already been discharged after the attack.

A Justice Department report released last week questioned the practices of both police and the authorities and Justice Ferguson.

On Saturday, a group announced that started the arrangements for Mayor James Knowles leaves office.

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