Lightning Punch A Hole In The Plane Flying In The US

Posted On 10 Apr 2015
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In the plane of the Icelandic airline Icelandair, travelling on a flight from Reykjavik-Denver (Colorado, United States) is struck by lightning. According to the Denver Post, as a result, the nose of the Boeing-757 “was formed hole.

The incident took place on Tuesday, April 7. The passengers of flight Fl671 was told that heard the strike shortly after take-off. “It’s not exactly halfway. I thought that the pilot will request an emergency landing or decides to come back in Reykjavik, “said one eyewitness.

Because the system of “Boeing does not come out, the captain decided to continue an eight-hour flight. Hole punch on the ground noticed only after landing. The Board has been sent for repair. Landing occurred normally, none of the passengers and crew was injured. How many people were on board the plane was not specified.

After lightning strike pilots checked the operation of all systems, as required by the regulations, said airline spokesman Michael Raucheisen. According to him, the aircraft on-board systems were working properly, and the plane lost stability.

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  1. Ed Ski Reply

    lightening strike- or new US Laser Weapon?

    NATO ‘Laser-Weapon’ Test to Destroy the Germanwings Airliner, Killing 150

  2. Pop_Korn Reply

    What a shame that the plane lost stability when all on-board systems were working properly.

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