Vice: The United States Should Stop Fighting, They Cannot Win

Posted On 09 Apr 2015
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Since Washington has started military campaigns just for the sake of demonstrating its own power, the American army has lost the ability to win, says Vice.

After the victory over Nazi Germany a major military campaign ended for well-trained and armed United States army rather pitiable, writes American Journal of Vice.

The last time the United States won a victory over the enemy in 1945 year, wrote Vice. The Korean War almost ended in a draw, the Vietnam War, the defeat of the Gulf War, has had only limited success, and the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq and United States foreign policy for disasters.

“The United States has more firepower than any Empire in history, but they don’t seem to be able to convert that power into something that could be called a victory,” commented Vice. Considering that the annual cost of the US Army make up about $ 500 billion, the United States does not get much result for this money, the newspaper notes.

The war, in which Washington, deliberately are losing, because in reality they do not need the United States, considers Vice. None of the United States fought wars in the past decade did not raise key American interests. When Saigon fell in 1975, the United States for ordinary citizens, it didn’t matter, writes.

Such wars start due to the fact that much of the American foreign policy elite want to impress the world power of the United States Army. “About every ten years United States must select some pathetic little country and spread it on the wall, just to show the world that we are not joking,” the leading American journalist’s opinion of Vice and writer Jonah Goldberg.

“If victory in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan really was important for security or prosperity of the United States, the electorate would be willing to risk the lives of their children and may have to pay more taxes. War to impress the electorate is doomed to fail. The main reason that America can’t win the war that we don’t have to. Maybe we should stop fighting, “the magazine concludes.

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