Oops! Lady Gaga Showed Off Tremendous Chunks

Posted On 08 Feb 2014
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Tag: fashionistas 2014, , Lady gaga
  • Lady Gaga, the pop diva wore golden horns at a VIP party at the famous Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont.
  • The star returned to infuriate the ‘fashionistas’ cachitos with bright and dazzling gold dress.
  • The diva trained her look in a glamorous Hollywood party where several stars shared by the songwriter.
  • Gaga stole sighs in an outfit much like the ‘old’ Hollywood and looked like a Greek goddess.
  • But the always stunning singer could not occur without adding something bright to your pint.
  • It turns out that Gaga got nothing more and nothing less than a gold small pieces.
  • How they found the ‘look’ of Gaga? Did the small pieces will conquer the ‘fashionistas’ 2014?

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