Scandal! Photo Reveals Strange White Powder On The Nose Of Lindsay Lohan

Posted On 17 May 2014
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  • Lucia somewhat “amused” and staggered when walking.
  • She stopped to wave to the cameras.

  • She even sent kisses.
  • But after seeing the pictures carefully …
  • Noticed something wrong with her nose.
  • White powder!

  • A few days ago near the diva sources revealed to Radar Online that Lindsay Lohan still using drugs.
  • “Right now consuming Ecstasy and Molly because the medicines you take, if you do analysis only show as amphetamines, which was prescribed, so it is ‘safe’,” these were the words of the informant.

  • The images are very clear.
  • What has Lindsay Lohan nose is not a “mosquito “.
  • Lindsay Lohan spent several months in rehab and out, said she was “clean”.
  • A few weeks ago attended the popular Coachella festival.

  • Several witnesses who were close to the star at the event confirmed that Lindsay Lohan is getting high.
  • “She really does not hide and anyone close to her knows she is still using drugs.”
  • Lindsay Lohan is very sad that after so many attempts, I could not stay away from drugs.
  • Weeks ago she made a shocking revelation.
  • She said she had suffered a miscarriage.

  • Many have questioned her statements; say it is a tactic to cause compassion to the court.
  • And after seeing that party continues without change her bad habits, does not seem very affected by abortion.
  • Unfortunately her career on the big screen goes into a tailspin.
  • Furthermore, it says that directors no longer want to work with her irresponsible.
  • How to end Lindsay?
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