Taylor Swift Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Posted On 05 Mar 2014
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Taylor Swift has made ​​a California court issued a restraining order against an individual who had not stopped sending emails, letters and messages of all kinds through the social networks since 2011.


According to published news website TMZ, the defendant, Timothy Sweet, often referred to himself as the “husband” of the artist and on more than one occasion had threatened to “kill” anyone who stood between them, a threat that finally forced the pop star to go to court to ensure “protection”, as is clear from the documents provided by his legal team.


“My wife, Taylor Swift, and I live in Beverly Hills. I’m completely in love with her and we treat each other with respect and dignities. I convinced that I have to ensure her safety and that’s why I carry a gun everywhere. I’m willing to kill anyone who tries to separate us, and I will not feel guilty if someone dies for meddling in other people’s affairs, “reads one of the messages sent to Timothy Sweet interpreter and therefore have led the U.S. to deal with the case in court.


Although currently the stalker Taylor Swift will just keep away from it, and many of their loved ones, until the end of March, lawyers for the famous singer has asked the court to take another look at the details Business to extend the measure until at least the end of the year, taking into account the “stalking prolonged and alarming” that would have incurred Timothy Sweet in recent months and the fact that their closest relatives “could be in danger” because of its fault, says Taylor Swift in her written statement to the judge.

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