Winter Storm Warning Remains At 94 Million People In Much Of The US

Posted On 06 Mar 2015
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A gang of snow remover trucks cleaned road in the northeastern United States.

The winter storm hits from northern Texas to southern New England on alert to more than 94 million people, leaving a trail of snow and cold while proceeding towards the northeast.

The National Weather Service reported heavy snow, ice and cold arctic in several areas. The bad weather front brought Thursday closing schools and canceling at least 4000 flights.

This Friday, the NWS forecast low temperatures will reach the southern state of Florida.

The bad weather front came late winter to cancel classes for schoolchildren in several states, and many homes were without electricity. They also closed offices and state parliaments. This Friday the picture is similar.

According to the tracking site air traffic on Thursday a total of 4,316 flights were canceled in the United States. The airports of Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia and New York were the most affected by poor weather conditions.

Warnings Remain

The weather service keeps sleet warnings from Alabama to the east of the Mississippi, and alerts winter storms with snow from the Mid-Atlantic States (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC) to Southern New England.

There are also warnings of floods in central Appalachia and Alerts heavy accumulations of snow in some places like Baizetown and Cynthiana, Kentucky, which is expected to exceed half a meter.

The authorities of the states affected by the storm have warned that continued rainfall can quickly deteriorate road conditions, so call for caution to avoid tipping or skids ending in impacts with other vehicles or against the fences of the road.

Power companies are prepared to respond to possible blackouts due to falling lines by snow or traffic accidents, while demanding users to be prepared with flashlights, extra batteries, first aid kit, radio with batteries and any object of need.

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