A Mexican Prisoner Died In Jail In Utah For Lack Of Dialysis

Posted On 08 Apr 2015
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Ramón C. Estrada, 62, was out on parole less than three weeks after his death.

A Mexican inmate died last week in Utah, apparently of a heart attack related to kidney failure after not submitted for two consecutive days external technicians should give dialysis in prison, authorities said Tuesday.

Ramón C. Estrada, 62, was out on parole less than three weeks after his death on Sunday at the prison in Draper, Utah, said the officer for the Department of corrections, Brooke Adams, in a statement.

Dialysis was scheduled for Friday at the prison clinic, but the technician not arose that day or the next. The technician or technicians involved work for the Hospital of the University of Utah, which provides dialysis to prison services.

Kathy Wilets, spokesperson for the hospital, said that apparently there were failures of communication related to the calendar of visits of the technical team of the South Valley Dialysis Unit. The hospital has undertaken an investigation, he added.

“We have the responsibility to provide quality care to patients.”Now to investigate thoroughly the circumstances that they fostered this unacceptable mistake and we will take the necessary measures to improve communication and procedures”, Wilets said in a statement.

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