Barack Obama Has Pardoned 22 Prisoners Serving Life Sentences

Posted On 01 Apr 2015
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Tag: Obama pardoned 22 prisoners serving life sentences, Obama pardoned sentences of 22 federal prisoners shortening their sentences

US President Barack Obama pardoned sentences of 22 federal prisoners shortening their sentences for drug-related offenses.

According to reports from the White House, eight of the prisoners who are going to reduce his sentence were sentenced to life imprisonment, that because the defendants were prosecuted under a judgment old and obsolete.

Through a statement, the White House said the 22 commutations “underscore the President’s commitment to use all the tools at their disposal to achieve greater justice and fairness in our justice system. We further demonstrate how the exercise of this important authority can restore the imbalance and acceptable errors in judgment. ”

Some of the prisoners have spent more than a decade serving time in federal prisons.

The Obama organization has pushed for lower sentences for peaceful drug offenders. In 2010 he signed the Fair Sentencing Act, which reduces the long term given for offenses involving cocaine or crack.

Note that the president wrote a letter to each of the 22 people who received clemency Tuesday, recognizing its potential to overcome the mistakes they made and encourage them to make good decisions to move forward.

This decision adds 43 Obama pardons in the six years he has been president.

His predecessor, Republican George W. Bush awarded 11 presidential pardons during his eight years in office.

Finally the White House said that the Administration will keep on attempting to altogether survey all appeals for pardon, and “while switching is important for those who seek justice and fairness in our criminal justice system, tool is almost always an option last resort, which comes after a long trial and years behind bars.”

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