Identify One Of The Attackers Of The Offices Of The NSA

Posted On 01 Apr 2015
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Security features of the NSA fatally shot one of the suspects, while the second was seriously injured.

Authorities in Maryland identified as Kevin Fleming a man who was injured near one of the entrances of military complex where work premises of the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland, where another man passed on ied.

Born in Baltimore, Fleming is 20 years old and had criminal records, as had already been arrested in the past for attack and theft, while at present the identity of the person killed is unknown.

The two men were dressed as women and drugs inside the van and at least one weapon was found, as uncovered by the powers.

Television footage showed two vehicles destroyed after a violent accident. We also saw what appeared to be a body covered by a white sheet lying on the ground next to a vehicle at one of the entrances to the NSA, located in Ann Arundel County, Maryland.

One of the cars would have tried to ram the front door to enter the complex, according to a federal official. The causes of the incident are under investigation.

A cop shot NSA and one man was killed and another seriously injured.

The vehicle they were traveling men stood side by side appeared to be a security patrol, and around which were visible remains of automotive parts that seemed to suggest that both had been impacted, although there were few details so far.

This is the second security incident this month involving the building of the NSA in Maryland. In early March, a prison official that state was arrested and charged with a series of shootings in Maryland, including one at Fort Meade.

The shooting went to a building close to the workplace of NSA, according to a police report, reported CNN.

Officers stopped Hong Young, 35, a resident in Beltsville, Maryland, and recognized that his vehicle coordinated the description that had the authorities.

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