Fire On Two Police During Protest In Ferguson

Posted On 12 Mar 2015
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The protests erupted after the resignation of Police Chief Ferguson.

According to local media, two policemen were shot early Thursday during a protest outside the police station in Ferguson, Missouri.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirmed the shooting and that “several members of the media, including a Post-Dispatch reporter and a photographer, were close to the official”.

Some protesters threw themselves upon hearing the gunshots and others ran, the paper said

The shots were fired as officers protesters who had gathered outside the police station faced.

A witness wrote on Twitter that a policeman was shot in the face.

The shots appeared to come from the direction of a block of flats in Tiffin Avenue.

Other witnesses reported hearing two to four shots. The shooting led to the mobilization of a larger contingent of officers, many with high-powered rifles.

According to initial reports, police announced that the department is closed and describes what is happening outside as an “active shooter scene.”

Lieutenant Colonel of the city, Al Eickhoff, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he did not believe that the officers were in his apartment. I also would not comment on the extent of your injuries.

The protests erupted after the resignation of Police Chief Ferguson, Thomas Jackson, which occurred Wednesday. Dozens of people posted tweets and videos of the protests.

Jackson was the sixth city employee resign or be fired after a Justice Department report that Darren Wilson exagente acquitted of violating civil rights in the shooting that killed Michael Brown, a black 18 year old in the city .

However, the Department described a judicial system focused on the benefits and about rampant racial prejudice in the police department Ferguson.

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