Senator Bob Menendez Talks About Charge Against

Posted On 12 Mar 2015
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The senator says the charges are false and several of his colleagues from both parties expect the news.

Sen. Bob Menendez spoke that after information about the Department of Justice prepares filing criminal corruption charges against leaking out.

Menendez said that in the coming weeks and months will concentrate on two things: they are reiterate that it is completely innocent and that all charges against him are illegal and not neglecting his work in the Senate.

“I think it’s extremely important to keep my efforts as I have done all this week on the committee on Ukraine, today on the issue of authorization of force and later with the director of FEMA.

Given the controversy revolves around the senator, some of his colleagues have said they expect cautious to see if it is true that there will be an indictment against him and what the nature of the charges, but so far has bipartisan support .

The news about the charges against Menendez Friday filtered by CNN and the Washington Post.

According to CNN, the Federal Police Department and FBI investigators Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice have been following the accusations against Menendez, despite their claims to the effect that this is a smear campaign against.

The case against Menendez would be focused on his relationship with Solomon ophthalmologist Floridian Mengel, who was his personal friend and one of the founders of their campaigns to the Senate.

The researchers focused their investigations, particularly in a series of travel to the Dominican Republic Senator made in 2010, as a guest of Melgen.

After learning step that is giving the Department of Justice, Senator Menendez said Friday he has always behaved “according to law” and assure that he and the Dominican billionaire Melgen Salomon were “true friends” for decades.

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