NASA Conducted An Experiment With Twins Astronauts

Posted On 25 Mar 2015
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This study aims to understand the behavior of the body for a long time in space.

Astronauts twins hope to provide the US space agency (NASA) a better understanding of the effects of long space travel on the human body with a unique experiment in its class to begin this week.

Seeking fly a manned mission to Mars, astronauts experienced, and twin brothers, Mark and Scott Kelly, will participate in a study of one year.

The director of human research program at NASA in Houston, Dr. John Charles, said his team will compare the two astronauts to see how space affects the human body in extended periods of time.

“It’s exciting because it’s an opportunity not only to make very direct comparisons between two individuals who are, or at least once were genetically identical, given the fact that they have lived full and happy lives since then in a slightly divergent. But also a way to start using medical technology XXI century to understand what happens to people in long-term space flight “Charles said.

Scott Kelly plans to spend a year living aboard the International Space Station, which set a record for NASA.

Meanwhile his brother, Mark, who is married to American former lawmaker Gabby Giffords, will be on the ground and act as a control in the physical experiment and analysis.

Scott Kelly says the experiment will help you learn about the negative effects of space on human psychology and hopefully mitigate those effects.

During his time in the international space program Scott performed several experiments, as will undergo medical tests.

The mission will be launched on Friday from Kazakhstan. Scientists hope to learn more about how space affects the human body in preparation for a long flight to Mars.

Scott will join the space station Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, who will also remain one year.

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