Police United States In March Killed More People Than The British For 100 Years

Posted On 03 Apr 2015
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Tag: American police killed 111 people, police US killed more people than British police in 100 years

Every day in the United States at the hands of police killed at least three people, the details of the report of the Working Group “law enforcement in the twenty-first century”, created at the behest of Barack Obama in last December.

In March, the American police killed 111 people, it is said that the use of force by law enforcement officials is too often, stated in the report of the ad hoc working group “law enforcement in the twenty-first century”. It was created by order the head of the White House Barack Obama in December 2014, a year after a wave of mass protests against police brutality in America.

“The hands of the police in the United States only in March this year killed more people than were killed by British police for more than 100 years”, commented the report of Sputnik.

In recent months the United States, demonstrations, there was serious discussion in connection with the excessive, according to many, the use of force by the police against black. The reason for the mass rallies was abandoning the prosecution of police officers, one of whom killed during arrest 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson and another strangled 43-year-old during the arrest of Eric Garner.

The purpose of the establishment of an ad hoc group “law enforcement in the twenty-first century” — a de-escalation of tension in American society. Common report is intended to draw the attention of the police to develop tactics, in which the number of fatal accidents will be reduced.

The Panel recommends paying special attention to the training of police officers to work in areas inhabited by people of colour. Notes that the police must become more transparent, its staff must be prepared to keep a detailed record of every action.

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  1. DeCode Er Reply

    As an American, I sure that a lot of these deaths probably involved “suicide by police” and intervention of police during extreme acts of physical violence ie bank robberies, or domestic violence and etc.

    You also just gloss over the fact that America is a country of over 318+ million people vs Britain’s 64 million. I would EXPECT the overall police homicide rate to be far higher than in the UK.

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