Fire at General Electric plant in Louisville

Posted On 03 Apr 2015
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Fire at General Electric plant in Kentucky.

At least one of the buildings of the complex of General Electric in the industrial park Appliance in Louisville, Kentucky, was completely destroyed by a registered fire this Friday morning.

The images show a thick cloud of black smoke that rises by several meters. The authorities reported that all employees could be evacuated until the fire could cause any damage.

Jefferson County, Kevin Tyler, spokesman confirmed there were no dead or injured reported in the fire of large proportions.

At the time, firefighters have no clear cause of the fire.

Louisville, Jody Duncan, emergency services spokesman said that residents living within a radius of half a mile to the place of the fire must take refuge in their homes, especially those who have respiratory diseases.

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  1. Robin Thomas Reply

    I bet that smoke is very toxic. Somebody who won’t lie about it should get samples and have them tested by someone who won’t lie about it.

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