Two Latin American Among Victims Of Deadly Attack Tunisia

The terrorist massacre in a museum in Tunisia left 21 dead and dozens injured tourists.

On Wednesday, the capital of Tunisia was the scene of a deadly terrorist attack that killed 21 people. Among the victims are two Colombians. Eight Mexicans and four Argentines, who were also present at the time of the shooting, managed to escape unharmed.

The two Colombians who died were among a group of 40 Spanish-speaking tourists who were on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. In this group there were eight Mexicans, four Argentines, four Colombians, four Brazilians and the rest were Spanish, according to EFE the group leader, Wasel BusID.

In the first reports it was reported that a Brazilian tourist group that was among those killed. However, the Brazilian government has denied that one of its citizens among victims already identified.

The Foreign Ministry said there are still unidentified bodies, but ruled that there Brazilians among those killed or wounded carrying a document, according to an official statement.

Despite initially the version that had 22 people in total, on Wednesday night, Prime Minister of Tunisia said that, counting 17 tourists, two Tunisian and two gunmen, the correct figure is 21 fatalities was handled.

During the attack, as recounted BusID, leaving the bus they were traveling in the Tunisian capital, a young man about 22 years opened fire with a machine gun and killed seven people. Then other attackers detained the rest of the tourists as hostages and barricaded themselves in the garden that connects the Bardo Museum and Parliament.

Prime Minister Habib Essid said five of the dead tourists were Japanese, four Italians, two Colombian, two Spaniards, one Australian, one Polish, one French national and one whose nationality has not been verified.

At the time of the attack several people many tourists were held hostage in the Bardo Museum.

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