Adam Lanza’s Father Regrets That His Son Is Born

Posted On 11 Mar 2014
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Adam’s father Lanza, author of the slaughter in Sandy Hook said he wished his son had never been born.

The slaughter in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, prompting its author, young Adam Lanza, was billed as a monster and hated by the public.

And that big rejection originates only mention his name, also feels his own father, Peter Lance, who in the first statements he makes about his son said “I wish had never been born.”

Lanza’s statements were published by The New Yorker magazine, and they reflect the great revulsion that the father feels for his son whom he considers a “demon”.

The name does not hide his frustration at having given birth to a being that has done so much wrong.

The father, who had two years without seeing his son, he also believes that had died instantly as happened with the boy’s mother who had divorced in 2009.

The day of the slaughter in the school of Connecticut, the 20 year old first killed his mother Nancy four shots before heading to primary children to shoot.

The man said he believes his son suffered from schizophrenia and that never was diagnosed in an accurate way, which maybe would have helped prevent the slaughter.

And that is why he decided to give Lance the interview, feel a “moral duty” and somehow, in his words, help prevent another slaughter like the one in Newtown. (Courtesy usa news)

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