Google Will Give $ 30 Million To Bring A Robot To The Moon

Posted On 02 Feb 2015
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Tag: $ 30 million given by google bring robot towards moon, Google give $ 30 million bring robot towards moon

Google introduced the documentary “Back to the Moon, the new space race ‘, which shows the teams that are in the fight for a prize of $30 million to set foot in the natural satellite of Earth.

The company had announced in August 2014 that would pay this amount to the first team, funded privately; he managed to place a spacecraft on the moon.

In this documentary YouTube can meet the 18 participating in this race.

The 24-minute film collects the history and plans of these teams to achieve a successful visit to the Moon.

Once the satellite, the robot must travel 500 meters and transmit an HD video back to Earth. And they have to do everything for December 31, 2015.

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