More Than 700 Death Row In California

Posted On 22 Apr 2015
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The interminable wait of more than 700 death row in California

More than 734 prisoners waiting to die in California.

Jarvis Masters, a man who in 1990 was sentenced to death for his role in the murder of a prison guard remains from that time waiting on death row in San Quentin Prison to execute it.

The uncertainty in the living he and his wife are suffering from the same family of more than 734 inmates waiting to die in California, which was not carried out an execution since 2006.

And since that year a judge ruled that the lethal injection method that was used in the state to administer capital punishment violated the constitutional rights of convicts, for the suffering they could cause.

Since then the authorities have not agreed to when choosing an alternative method to resume executions, as revealed by the BBC News website.

In 2014 another judge ruled that the death penalty as applied in California was “unconstitutional” because of the “unpredictable delay” on executions because of the complicated system of appeals against sentences.

For the wife of Masters, who agreed to speak to BBC World without revealing her name, the uncertainty of the current system has a “huge” impact on families of the condemned.

“It is a disproportionate punishment. I think it’s similar to the situation experienced by those who have a loved one with a terminal illness. They know they will die, but do not know when. They’re on their deathbed for decades,” says.

She says the situation is also extremely difficult for prisoners. “It’s a hell. Some attempt suicide. Others are sick. Many have lost hope,” she said.

“Life stops it’s an extreme situation every week we hear different information… That if they are to resume executions, if you want to end the death penalty if they will build more cells … It’s a rollercoaster of emotions” culminated.

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  1. william Reply

    They should use Zyklon-B for executions since it is so very effective and efficient. Odd that we never hear about terrorists using it. Why,they could execute all 734 prisoners in one 15 minute pass quick and clean.

  2. Notborn Yesterday Reply

    This ALWAYS puzzles me. I take a sick dog to the vet, he injects it and it passes from life very quickly and peacefully. No need for elaborate equipment delivering 3 different injections and the creature suffering for a long period. About 10 seconds after the animal is laid on the couch its all over. WHY are we SO incompetent when it comes to administering the death penalty?

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