Timetable Extended Health Plans Canceled By Obamacare

Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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In order to banish the specter of cancellations of health insurance policies in an election year, the administration of President Barack Obama announced a two-year extension for individual policies that do not meet the requirements of the new federal law health.

The decision helps neutralize a political problem for Democrats who face tough reelection battles before the end of the year, especially for senators who in 2010 gave its support to the president and voted for the adoption of the law reform health.

Procrastination is part of a major package of regulations laying down the basic rules for 2015, the second year of the markets for health insurance subsidized by the government under federal law, and the first year that large companies will face the requirement provide coverage.

Hundreds of pages of stipulations affecting insurers, employers and consumers were issued by the Treasury Department and the Health and Social Services.

Is likely to need a few days for lawyers and advisers fully assess the implications.

The cancellation of at least 4.7 million individual policies a few months ago was one of the most damaging events in the transition to a new system of health insurance under the new law Obama.


The wave of cancellations came as the new HealthCare.gov website was overwhelmed with technical problems that prevented many consumers enroll for health coverage.

It was also a fact that contradicted Obama’s promise that one could keep your health plan if you so wished. The latest postponement would be valid for policies issued up to October 1, 2016.

It follows a previous extension issued by the White House. Among the regulations include:-An additional month for entries into the 2015 season.

Commence from November 15, as he had initially planned after partial legislative elections. But will be extended for an additional month, until 15 February next year. The government claims that the date change gives insurers; state and federal agencies more time to prepare.

This year’s open enrollment began Oct. 1 and ended on March 31. -Set new levels of cost out of the health plan for 2015. The annual deductible and copayment cost for plans sold in the insurance market cannot exceed $ 6.600 to $ 13.200 to individuals and families.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which represents state regulators, expressed skepticism about the change.

“The creation of two levels of plans-those meeting and not meeting-could result in an increase in premiums and disruptions in the market in 2015 and beyond,” said NAIC President, Adam Hamm, which is Insurance Commissioner of North Dakota. Although Hamm is a Republican, the NAIC is nonpartisan.

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