Obama Recognizes That Much Remains To Be Done To Expand Access To Universities In The US

The US president, Barack Obama.

United States requires further efforts to ensure the right to higher education  for millions of young people, in the words of President Barack Obama.

In his regular weekly address, Obama felt that this task becomes more important to the facilitating role that higher education plays to expand and strengthen the middle class, in an economy that increasingly relies on innovation.

“Knowledge is the most important skill you can offer. That is why higher education is now more than ever, the safest access to the middle class way, “he said.

College loans

The president noted that alongside the empowerment that now offers higher education has become more expensive, at a level that has negative effects on the potential of these young people.

He revealed that the average student applying for a college loan “ends graduating with student debt of about $ 28,000.”

Obama recalled that during the past six years the government has been working to tackle the situation by applying tax credits, providing more scholarships and introducing new legislation to Governor student loans.

Thanks to these legislative reforms, the government has acted for millions of graduates do not pay fees that exceed 10 percent of your income, and “not forced to choose between paying the rent or pay their debt.”

Likewise he remembered the bill before Congress to free education for two years at community colleges “as it is today secondary education”.

This week, the president unveiled a list of principles known as the Declaration of the Rights of Student Aid, which states that all students are entitled to a quality education affordable.

“All of us, elected officials, universities, business leaders, all we have to do more, and that is why this week I presented another way we can help more people access to college,” he said.

He said the initiative does not imply costs, no bureaucracy, and is aimed at ensuring that all students have access to quality education.

“If all the support, there are many things that their representatives in Washington, colleges and credit institutions can and must do to comply with these principles throughout the country,” he said.

The president urged Americans to sign the declaration in the direction WhiteHouse.gov, thereby demonstrating their support for this cause.

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