Threats To The US Military Is Not Related To The Burglary Database

Posted On 24 Mar 2015
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The Ministry of Defence is serious about any threats against members.

According to US officials, there is no evidence that the publication of the “Islamic state” names, addresses and photos of 100 US military in the murder of Islamists who are calling on their supporters in the United States, was the result of hacking databases.

Defense Ministry spokesman told: “We are always concerned about the safety of our military and encourage soldiers to take the necessary precautions.” He added that “the service sends appropriate notification in accordance with established procedures” and the Ministry of Defense is committed to any threats to the military.

Responding to a question about whether it is possible to find information on the Internet, hosted an “Islamic state” with the search engines, he said that “a lot of things, to Facebook, in the news, and if you tie it all together, the information becomes very affordable.”

On Sunday, a group calls itself “hacker department” Islamic state “, said the information about the soldiers who, according to this group, participated in air strikes on the positions of the IG in Iraq and Syria, has been obtained from public servers and databases.

But defence officials say that is unlikely militants received information from the websites of the US government, and that much of this information is publicly available.

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