The Collapse Of The “American World” By American Journalist

Posted On 02 Apr 2015
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The transfer of control over financial flows from Wall Street and the City to new development banks and funds in China - a fait accompli, leaving behind US efforts to preserve existing world order, says the American journalist.

Pompous course of the administration of US President Barack Obama in Asia broken to smithereens China’s efforts to gather around its investment bank Washington’s closest allies, says the American journalist and writer Wayne Madsen.

E.g. the UK, one of the first announced plans to join the Asian Bank of infrastructure investments (ABII), followed by France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. Even the last bastion of American neoconservatism in Asia, Australia, as suggested by a journalist, will be taken by China. When Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that his country “would like to learn more about the mechanisms of control” ABII, it became clear who will be the last ally of the United States dared to “disobey” warnings from Washington.

Madsen notes that “mass escape” like-minded people on the side of America ABII cause a reaction at the highest level: US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew went to Beijing. The official reason for the visit - to negotiate with the Chinese authorities refuse to curb the growth of the Yuan, which “would help the world economy”, but in reality, according to the journalist, the trip became a gesture of despair. In addition to gaining weight ABII and New Development Bank, while calls to US allies to stick to the classic format of financial intercommunication within the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank is no longer working.

“While Liu was in Beijing, desperately trying to attract the attention of the financial world dim flags City and Wall Street, Chinese President Xi Jinping greeted guests at the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan Island. Instead rants cowardly billionaires like George Soros or members of global banking clans (that is inherent in, for example, the Economic Forum in Davos) Chinese side offered a clear agenda for sustainable development: the construction of ports in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and the creation of high-speed rail lines directly from China to Western Europe and to the Middle East, “- writes the journalist.

Transfer of control over the global financial flows from Wall Street and the City to new development banks and foundations in Beijing or Shanghai - a fait accompli, leaving behind the efforts of the United States to preserve the established order, emphasizes American journalist. Washington himself has put himself into a corner, being abandoned by all because of the reluctance to accept Asian project - cooperation with ABII not even considered seriously, because this bill would never have been approved by Congress.

“ABII - a classic example of demonstrating the economic power of China in the region and an instrument of influence, which resorted Beijing. Washington is not in a position to compete with China in this - Asian Americans rely on military force, but in the long term the economy takes precedence over force” - quoted by a journalist of one of the researchers at Cambridge University.

All around are beginning to recognize that instead of “American peace” comes “Chinese”, which is the support of the BRICS countries and new partners for the Beijing Asian Bank infrastructural development, Wayne Madsen concludes.

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